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Fun Games For Kids At Birthday PartiesFun Games For Kids At Birthday Parties

The following are a few ideas for some great kids party games.

The Circle Game

One of the simplest children’s party games is called ‘The Circle Game’. It is basically about the hunt! The objective is to get your circle and everyone in it to be the size of a circle with equal spaces on both sides. You can use different objects such as balls, paper cups or even the hands of your guests.

You can choose from two ‘flights’, ‘circles’dots’. The first one has two circles and two ‘dot’ shapes, while the second ‘flight’ consists of three circles, two ‘dot’ shapes and one ‘arrow’ shape. The third ‘flight’ is just an ‘x’ shape. The circles need to be in an even and symmetrical shape. Your guests should take turns being the centre.

To start, each person takes up a circle and starts turning it in a circular form, being careful not to make holes. When everyone is ready, they are to put in their object (a ball, a ball or a hand) and put it into the middle. If a ball is put in the middle, it has to touch someone else in the middle, which means it can’t fall out! Once the ball is placed, someone can grab it with the fingers, spit it out, or throw it in another direction. When everyone has finished, they have to put the ball in the centre and give it a spin. They do this by spinning it over on their palms until it stops.


Children love to play a little trivia when playing kids birthday party games, and this game is no exception. All you need to do is prepare some question cards and ask your guests for answers. Then, the questions will be announced. As they answer, you give clues to what they are hiding. Make sure that the clues are clear and simple. If some of them are unclear, have them guess what they are hiding!

Another fun game is to see who has the biggest cake! You can use the traditional cake and then have everyone guess how big it is. For this fun game, ask your guests to come wearing masks or costumes and take turns answering the questions to reveal what the answer is! and get the biggest cake!

Educational Games

If you want your children to learn new things, why not have them draw pictures using your own two hands and the pencils you have around the room. You can find pictures online and make them into ‘cards’ to play with. You can even write your questions to them if you wish. The more creative they are, the better!

Kid’s birthday parties are always exciting, so think ahead and plan plenty of kids party games. Kids love to play!

kids party games

Everyone loves a contest because they can see who can win different kinds of prizes. Take your time choosing the prizes. There are many great ideas for games for kids at birthday parties that you can choose from.


Some of the most popular prizes include ‘toy’ cakes and ‘cake toppers.’ For example, if you’re throwing a theme party, you can choose a game that involves a cake-topper. such as a ‘topper race,’ ‘bake-off bake race.’ Or, you can go with something much simpler and pick a game that rewards the winners with something very simple, such as a gift certificate for a trip or even a gift certificate for a favourite restaurant! This can be a very unique way to give kids birthday party games.

Another great idea for games for kids is ‘hide and seek.’ All of your guests should be dressed appropriately for the game so it doesn’t seem like a game, so try a costume game instead. The children are to hide and seek until someone points them out. If the child finds the one person, they must say its name out loud and say a special phrase.

If you are having a theme party, you can have the kids find clues in boxes or baskets which they need to fill in for prizes. Make it a scavenger hunt, for example. You can either have the children find clues on their own or you can buy or make the prizes and then have the kids find them afterwards.…