Day: March 19, 2021

The Origins of Laser TagThe Origins of Laser Tag

Maybe you are a lone wolf and you like to go it alone or you’re more of a team player that’s always down for company, either way there’s enough bad guys to beat on laser tag.

You would be hard-pressed to find more realistic combat games than laser tag, and it’s no wonder the US army used something similar for combat training in the 1970-80’s for practise.

Laser Tag

In-between the thrill of taking down your target US Marine-style, it’s easy to get distracted and get lost in the arena for an endless amount of time!

It’s interesting to think where it all started though and surprisingly has been around for longer than many people expect.

It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon though and actually began with a movie franchise and later developed into the sport it is now!

Star Wars took over the movie industry in the 1970s and 1980s. With unprecedented special effects, the movie showed spaceships, and audiences watched as Porgs, Ewoks, Rathars, and The Falleen ushered in much more possibilities than a movie.

One of those possibilities we now see today in laser tag. In Dallas, Texas, George Carter III was amazed as actors shot lasers from futuristic blasters.

His amazement and love for the movie birthed what we now enjoy today – laser tag. Carter’s inspiration came from the blasters he saw in Star Wars Episode IV in 1977. However, his dream came to life some seven years later, in 1984, when he opened the first laser tag arena, naming it Photon.

As with many fans of Star Wars came many people fantasizing about Photon and wanting to try it for themselves. As a result, laser tag was born and became a huge hit.

Many came to live the ethereal life in this new arena that offered not just an escape from reality but a new-found recreational activity.

George Carter III opened more laser tag locations, and in no time, other laser tag businesses joined the ship and the sport grew. It quickly moved into a nationwide activity and then a worldwide phenomenon.

Although the pioneer, new companies meant Photon faced stiff competition, especially from a company known as Worlds of Wonder in early 1986.

With growing popularity it later evolved into hailing laser tag as “The Sport of the 21st Century.” The tactic served as a hook for many new players, so it worked effectively and again it gained more popularity.

Both went out of business for different reasons around the time of 1988. Worlds of Wonder closed up shop because it could not survive the infamous Black Monday stock market crash in ’87.

On the other hand, Photon got into hot water because their distributor, Entertech, created water guns that looked exactly like actual firearms and lawsuits followed as people started using the realistic toy guns for robberies and illegal activities.

Thankfully, the combat game remained and has evolved over the years. It now exists in several forms like tactical, traditional, and toy laser tag. 

As technology advances, we could yet experience more ways to enjoy the game and make it better. 

Now that you know how and where the laser tag started, some general advice on the sport.

While playing, remember that laser tag is a no-contact sport and always remember to respect other players and follow the rules. 

There is such a thing as a Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, Kentucky with a lot of artefacts through the decades that will help you learn more about the game. While you can learn more about the game it’s worth actually playing as well. 

It’s a good idea to research laser tag or a gaming theatre if you want to give it a go. A great  option for Laser Tag if you’re in the Brisbane region is Ghostly Games Entertainment. They do indoor and outdoor laser tag but also offer other gaming options if you want to try something else while you’re there. Of course it’s better to go somewhere that’s local to your area, but if you’re in the Brisbane area you’ve got to get the full experience and pay them a visit!…