Jumping Castle Hire – A Fun Experience For Family Holidays

Jumping Castle Hire

Jumping castles are small inflatable structures and other such temporary structures and stuff and usually used for church festivals, school functions and village fairs, especially for kids. It is not a very big construction but it looks like a miniature castle, with a wooden roof and many pillars.

Main Types

The most common types of jumping castles are the indoor jumping castles and the outdoor jumping castles. The indoor ones look like normal tents or small houses with stairs going up and down. There are also indoor jumping castles that resemble miniature churches. They are mostly made of plastic and are very portable.

The outdoor version is a small inflatable building on wheels with different features and a big castle-like tower. The indoor ones are mainly made of polystyrene and some other light materials and weigh between twenty-five to thirty-five kilograms. The outdoor jumping castles are generally attached to cars. They are mostly used for church celebrations and birthday parties and even for outdoor events like weddings, sports events and carnivals.


The sizes of the jumping castles range from one to three meters in height. Usually, they are not very tall but their height can vary depending on the material they are made of. The cost of the jumping castles also varies depending on the material they are made of and the size of the structure. They can be as low as fifteen dollars but that is just the start. Usually, it would be better to call them fun toys rather than toys.

The other factors that affect the price of a jumping castle are the kind of safety measures that need to be put in place and any accessories that come with it. The kind of safety measures usually includes the safety locks, the safety ropes and some type of anti-slip coating. The accessories usually include the sound system and flashing lights and sometimes even an inflatable toilet or even a real toilet.

Jumping Castle Hire

There are many different varieties of jumping castles. There are traditional castles which have towers on each side and there are also those that do not have any stairs. The traditional ones are usually made with wooden walls and have no pillars. The more modern models are the ones that have no walls and can be erected almost anywhere.

With the invention of the inflatable castles, the prices of these structures were greatly reduced. The modern inflatable castle has much less maintenance and it can be folded flat, put in a cart and easily transported from one location to another.


Some companies produce inflatable bouncers called “Lattice” IFLATESTIKIN” which have a lot of interesting and creative features. These bouncers can be installed on any flat surface with a platform above them and they are very affordable and can be moved around the venue or event area easily.

Other companies manufacture the inflatable castle which is made of wood and have metal walls, and they can also be installed in areas where metal and glass can’t be used. They have wheels so that they can easily be rolled around the event area.

Traditional or Modern?

You can choose between traditional and modern inflatable castles depending on the event that you are planning to organize. If your event is for kids and they are in school then you can go for the classic style jumpers and if your event is for adults then you can go for the newer styles that are more elaborate and more exciting. dramatic.

Many people are very enthusiastic about purchasing the inflatable castles because they provide a lot of fun to the young and old alike. You can even rent them or hire them depending on what you want to do. One of the best things about them is that they provide safety measures because it’s very easy to install and to take care of.

Inflatable castles can be a good investment for the kids because they are a fun toy that is very safe, easy to use and to store. The main disadvantage that most people point out when talking about the inflatables is that children will tend to be very excited about them and try to climb them which could result in accidents.

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