Brisbane Sumo Suit Hire

Sumo suits are a great idea for any party

If you are looking for a fun activity for your get together or party that can be enjoyed by adults and children you should consider having some fun with Sumo Suits. At castles 4 hire we have a range of sumo suits available for hire across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

What are Sumo Suits?

Sumo suits are inflatable body suits that make you look like a Sumo wrestler. The suits are quite heavy and are intended to restrict movement.

Sumo suits for hire in Brisbane, Queensland

Sumo Suit Traditional Use

Originally, Sumo suits were used in a sport called Sumo Suit Athletics. This is an international sport that was founded in the United Kingdom. Because the suits restrict movement, and the rules state that you cannot use your hands to life the suits up. The end result is an extremely amusing sporting event where participants have to raise their arms and shoulders to keep the suit up while they are running around.

Sumo Suits for Fun

Today, many companies that hire the large inflatable jumping castles also hire Sumo suits and accessories. Usually, two people will put on a Sumo suit, and then enter a Sumo wrestling ring, which looks a little like a trampoline. They then attempt to wrestle with each other and knock each other out of the ring. Because of the suit design and the fact that body movement is restricted, this wrestling match can be extremely amusing for those participating, and those watching on the sidelines.

Places to Use Sumo Suits

There are many different situations where you could use Sumo suits. A Sumo wrestling match only needs two participants, so you don’t even have to wait for a large gathering. You can use Sumo suits for:

  • A birthday party
  • Family Reunions
  • House parties
  • Fund raising functions. When used for fund raising, you could charge each participant a small fee to wrestle.

Sumo Suit History

Sumo suits started as an athletic sport in the United Kingdom in 2008. Since then, there have been three Sumo suit athletics World championships. Sumo suit athletics includes five different sporting events which are:

  • 100m spring
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Shot put
  • 400m endurance race

In 2009, the men’s event was held at Battersea athletics track in London, and all of the events were won by one of three South African athletes, they also broke four world records. Three out of the five women’s events were all won by an athlete from Great Britain and four new world records were made.

In 2010, the events were again held in the Battersea athletics track, and many more records were broken. Since then sumo suits have taken the world by storm and we have the pleasure of using them here in Brisbane, Australia.

Should you Hire, or Should you Buy Your Sumo Suits?

When deciding if you should hire, or purchase your Sumo suits, you  need to take some things into consideration. While Sumo suits are relatively small and easy to store when they are deflated, to get maximum fun from them, you will also need to have the wrestling mat, and an electronic inflation device that will all take up storage space. You also need to decide how often you will use the suits, if you will only use them once or twice a year, then it may be more economical to simply hire a sumo suit as needed, but if you think you and your friends will enjoy them on a regular basis, then purchasing might be the best option for you.

What Do They Come With?

Whether you decide to purchase, or rent your Sumo suits, you should receive:

  • Two Sumo suits
  • Two inflatable liners to go inside the suits
  • Two head pieces for protection against injury
  • One wresting mat
  • One inflation deviceyour specific circumstances

Sumo suits are available in both adult and child sizes so that the entire family can enjoy the fun.

Sumo suits Brisbane Qld


Sumo suits are a great conversation piece for any party or gathering and can be a lot of fun for the entire family. They are much less expensive to purchase, or rent than the traditional jumping castles, and take up a lot less space while being used, and while being stored away. Sumo suits were originally used in the United Kingdom for comical athletic events, but are now finding their place in everyday use at social gatherings, and fund raising events.

If you plan on using Sumo suits on a regular basis, then you should consider purchasing a set. However, if you think you will only use them once or twice a year, then renting them as needed is probably the best option for you.