Slushy Machine Hire in Brisbane

Slushy Machine Hire in Brisbane

What can be more refreshing when you are in a party than having a sip of your flavored frozen drink delight that is a slushy made from one of our slushy machines. This kind of cold drink is actually a mixture of sugar and water, in an almost frozen state served as a cold beverage. We have a range of different slushy machines for hire for any event or party.

How is a slushy made?

Sugar, which is about 12-22% of the mixture,  keeps the mixture from freezing. If sugar levels go lower than that, the mixture will definitely turn into its solid frozen state. It is because sugar is acting as an anti-freeze agent in the slush mixture. Did you know why there is a blade inside slush machine that keeps on rotating at a constant speed? This is to make sure that the water is bonded to the sugar molecules, thus keeping the water from having any chance of freezing.

Delicious Slushies

The refreshingly cool and invigorating effect of a slushy drink can definitely perk up the mood of everyone in any party you are hosting. It doesn’t really matter what your age is, whether you are a 50 year old kid at heart or teenager,  you will surely love and appreciate being served by a slushy machine drink. There is a soft spot in everyone’s heart for a delicious slushy and sometimes we even use our own slushy machines on a hot summers day!

Slushies can come in different flavors, satisfying each and everyone’s discriminating tastes. But in the end, everyone will surely agree that regardless of the flavor the slushy will always be the favored drink in a party or any gathering for that matter.  Even a simple get together among friends who have lost touch in years,  family members whom you have never seen in decades or even the simplest of family barbecue party having a slushy as an  alternative cold drink would be a welcome idea. Slushies are better than a canned soda drink and always are a party favorite. Our slushy machine hire services in Brisbane provide a great opportunity for you to dazzle your guests.

What better way to cool down your guests than to provide them with a delicious slushy from one of our slushy machines!

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