Moving to Brisbane: 8 Best Tips Before You Move

8 Smart Ideas Before You Move

Moving to Brisbane: 8 Best Tips Before You Move

Moving from one location to another is relatively common today. In fact, every member in a family is usually tasked with getting everything packed up and ready to go. So, if the move is going to be smooth without any unnecessary hassles, the most essential thing you need when moving to city like Brisbane, is a plan. Brisbane is an amazing city full of fun things to to do for familes and young couples. From vibrant restaurants and cafes to weekend events and festivals.Devising a custom plan for the entire family to use before and on moving day is not a luxury but a necessity that can assist in saving time and money too. Hence, here are 8 best tips that you can use to eliminate a hectic process, while also avoiding the stresses of unforeseen issues arising at the last minute.

Tip #1 – Call the Moving Company Ahead of Time

As soon as you know that you will be moving, there are some essential preparations that must be made well in advance. One of the most important is contacting a reputable moving company to schedule the date and time of the move. By scheduling the time and date early, you can avoid last minute costly disruptions that usually occurs when people wait to the final hours to find a moving company that can meet and your specific needs and requirements. Do your research when looking for removalists Brisbane and if they proviode hourly rates or fixed price moving packages. Also ask about furniture storage or packing service. If you are reloating from interstate we would recommend to contact your nearest interstate removal company.

Tip #2 – Take a Picture of Your Electronics and their Connections

If you have a lot of electronics in your home that needs to be moved to the new location in Brisbane, you need to plan ahead. Because electronics are often difficult to put back together in a timely manner, you need to devise a plan that will assist with putting things back together in your new home with ease. Specifically, for those homeowners that may not be skilled in putting electronic set-ups back together by themselves. Therefore, if you want to take the easier less costly way of preparing to move your electronics strategically, you can take a photo of your electronic devices and the wires connected to each. By taking this additional step, you will have a visual guide available to you at your disposal.

Tip #3 – Make Sure All items are Packed in Clearly Marked Boxes

Before moving day, you can make things much better for yourself and others if you take the time to place everything in boxes strategically. For instance, you may decide to pack up one room at a time. Once the boxes are full and taped appropriately, they should be clearly marked for everyone to see. Each box should be labeled with the name of items contained in it and the name of the room that it should be placed into once it reaches the new destination. For instance, when packing up the items in the kitchen, some of the boxes will be label as follows:

  • Kitchen – kitchen utensils
  • Bedroom -Comforters and blankets
  • Bathroom – Towels

Also, whenever available, you may prefer to use a color coded system to identify each room.

Tip #4 – Use Professional Movers to Move Your Valuable Fragile Items Instead of the Family’s Friends

Though you may be tempted to solicit the help of family and friends to assist you with moving your things, you will need to resist the urge. Even though you may be trying to save money, the ultimate price for this decision may be more than it is worth. According to various professional home moving websites, one of the top recommendations in this area is to hire professional movers who are insured for this kind of cost. These professionals will not only know how to move fragile items quickly, but how to preserve them in the move. Also, if the inevitable does occur, the insurance coverage that comes along with these services can replace the cost if anything is broken.

Tip #5 – Get Rid of Items that You Do Not Need

The number of items that people take with them on moving day usually determines how many resources will be needed on moving day. Therefore, if you have a huge number of items that you may not want to take with you, it is important that this is addressed actively before the moving trucks come rolling in. By reducing the amount that is transported to the new location, you can save time in the transport. Here are some suggestions for cleaning these things out.

  • Discard items that cannot be salvaged in a garbage receptacle
  • Have a moving sale or sell items on Craigslist or eBay
  • Give them away to family members

Tip #6 – Prepare Your Refrigerator for Move

In some cases, the new home may already have a refrigerator available to be used by the new owner, while in other cases the family may want to take their refrigerator with them to the new destination. Whatever the case or situation, the refrigerator needs to be prepared in advance for the move by defrosting it at least one day prior to the day of the move.

Tip #7 – Use Hacks to Pack

Today, there are articles posted all over the internet with awesome suggestions on how to pack for the move. Some of which are very beneficial time savers and they can reduce the amount of time spent on your feet. One of which is packing up clothing items quickly by using a garbage bags to store them on hangers. Refer to for more details.

Tip #8 – Create a Time Table for the Move

To keep on schedule, you should devise a timetable for the move. Because moving companies charge by the time that is used, a documented timetable for the move is very beneficial for all involved. You can find an example of a moving checklist here.


Moving day can be one of the biggest challenges a family may encounter when relocating from one residence to another. Therefore, to eliminate some common issues of concern, you may want to follow the tips provided above. These tips can save time and money before, on and after moving day.

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