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Birthday celebrations are something that children always look forward to. They can’t help but anticipate their own to come, and they always expect you to give them a blast when celebrating their own year after.  That is okay, you know they are kids and you will always want to give them the best. In their growing up years, they will vividly remember what you have prepared for them on this very special occasion of their life which only happens once every year. Since birthday celebrations are something to be remembered in the years ahead your child’s life, you must always make them a memorable one.

Aside from the usual parties you can come up with, birthday cakes are a staple too. They can be combined with other baked goodies such as designer cakes and cupcakes. If you can’t slice your designer cake yet, did you know that you can order cupcakes with the same motif as your cake? From the design, icing and concept everything would be the same. It is as if you had your designer cake shrunk into a miniature size and have it as a cupcake.

If you order cupcakes, having the same flavor, ingredients and decor motif as you have with your designer cake, you are giving your guests a chance to have a taste of your cake. Most especially if you like to preserve your cake just yet for its decorative purposes on your banquet table, you can distribute to your guests instead its cupcake version. It is certain to be a hearty delight for everyone to enjoy.

Designer cakes with matching cupcakes is a physical representation of your desire to give your child only the best that  life could offer. When it comes to its design motif, let your kid give his input about it and let him suggest as to what likes best.

Designing the right cake for that special person or event needs a personal touch. If you need a custom cake designed for an event in Brisbane simply phone us or fill out the contact form on the right and we will phone you back to discuss your needs.

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